PAYMENT: Payment is due in full for the entire month at the first lesson of each month. The rate is $85.00 per month for 30 minute lessons, and $160.00 per month for 60 minute lessons. Any families with two students studying with me will be charged at the 60 minute rate. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.

ATTENDANCE: Please be on time! I have a schedule to keep, so punctuality is important. Your reserved time is for your use; therefore students must pay the monthly tuition regardless of attendance. If you must miss a lesson, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance. If there is room on my schedule, we can re-schedule the lesson. School concerts, rehearsals, athletic events, etc. are all known in advance. With the exception of illness and family emergency, last minute cancellations are inexcusable. Any student who misses two consecutive lessons without notifying me will automatically lose their reserved time as well as payment for those lessons. Notification of an absence is a courtesy, not an exemption from payment. Please be sure that your contact information (cell phone, e-mail address) is registered on the website, so that you can receive any lesson changes and reminders. The will also give you access to cancel and/or re-schedule lessons on the WebScheduler.

Please bring ALL materials I give you, as well as the books you are practicing to every lesson. Your assignments should be well prepared; otherwise you are wasting my time and your parents' money. Do your best to keep your lesson slot; in other words, PRACTICE! First and second year students should practice at least 30-45 minutes a day. Third year and beyond should practice one hour daily. Your practice time does not include band rehearsals! Make sure your instrument is in working order. Your valves should be oiled BEFORE your lesson, and all slide and valve caps should be able to be moved at will. Keep your horn and mouthpiece clean. If you need to clean your horn and/or give it a bath (yes, you can put your horn in water) I can show you how. Valve oil, slide grease, trumpet snakes, and mouthpiece brushes are available here at Doctor Note.

If you have any questions, fell free to call or email me.